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Office Hours: 8:00AM to Noon, 1:00PM to 4:30PM, Monday - Friday

Judge John P. Dewey
Common Pleas Court
100 N. Park Ave., Suite 310
Fremont, OH 43420
Tel: 419.334.6169
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Judge Barbara J. Ansted
Common Pleas Court
100 N. Park Ave., Suite 311
Fremont, OH 43420
Tel: 419.334.6170
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Duties & Responsibilities of the Common Pleas Court-General Division: 
Art. IV, Section 4, of the Ohio Constitution provides that there shall be a court of common pleas, and such divisions thereof as may be established by law, for each county of the state.

In accordance with this provision of the constitution, the legislature from time to time passes legislation providing for the number of judges and a division of the types of cases for each Common Pleas Court in the state.

The various divisions of the Common Pleas Courts are as follows: Criminal, Civil, Domestic Relations, Probate and Juvenile; and one or more of these divisions may be combined.

In Sandusky County, the Probate and Juvenile divisions are combined under Judge Brad Smith.

The Criminal, Civil and Domestic Relations divisions are combined under Judge Dewey and Judge Ansted. All cases filed are assigned, in equal numbers, to Judge Dewey and Judge Ansted, in a random manner.

In 2007 there were 1426 new cases filed in the General Division of the Common Pleas Court. There were also several hundred cases re-opened, mostly in the Domestic Relations division.

Proceedings of the Common Pleas Court are generally open to the public.